Mr. Bradick was my Division Officer and I worked for him nearly a year.
Recently he joined our ships association and I wrote him a letter.Below is his response.
It adds to the history of our ill fated adventure, to say the least.

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A picture is worth more than a thousand words in this case!

These are photo's of the Bay of Pigs invasion April 17th through April 21st 1961.

Two are of the Alabama Air National Guard.

The crashed plane with Castro markings which was supposed to deceive Castro but didn't, the plane was shot down.

Leo Baker of Wellston Ohio, shot and killed soon after his capture.
His body is still in Cuba to this very day. I have spoken with his widow by telephone. She as all of us, who were there is very bitter.

A picture of a rebellion leader captured. Another photo shows the cheering victors. As 1,500 men, supported by ships who could not fire, met a full army and the odds were overwhelming.

Our ship was so close the small arms fire was hitting the sides of our ship. Our small 26' whale boat went ashore to pull survivors off the beach and was nearly shot by a Soviet built helicopter. A plane from the Essex chased it away before we were all killed or captured. All captured Americans were killed at the time of capture.

We were told NEVER to speak about the incident. So many people lied and said they were there and weren't. We were not allowed to challenge them due to our orders. The mission was not declassified until AFTER the Vietnam war was over. So there was never any interest. Any valor we earned was stolen by liars.

There are more pictures to be placed on the site. Please check by every now and then. I thank you for your comments.

Dave Barker


T Shirt design by Bill Gordon FT2, a shipmate on the USS Cony, note the 5 has been painted off as it was April 17, 1961. Many thanks Bill!


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