Bay of Pigs Revisited - USS Cony

It really happened, it was deadly, it was covered up and it has never been fully told.

April 17, 2011 will be the 50th anniversay of our ill-fated invasion at the  Bay Of Pigs.  We were almost the cause of WWIII, then a year and a half  later almost caused it again.  The USS Cony was in both events, very  involved both times.

I rented a video 20 years ago and tried to buy it, not for sale!  Now I have found it on YouTube.

Here is a video clip which if you open it is important to hear and see it  all. One of the four Alabama Air National Guard pilots killed was Leo  Baker of Wellston Ohio, a town I visit once per month on AMVETS  Outreach.  You will see the ship Houston burning in the bay.  We were in close range of the ship.  You will see the beach we covered. Yet you  will not see us, as we were edited out.  But still there! Poor JFK did  not know we were there until told by Senator Everett Dirkson, which was  over a year later.

*TOP*:4/6 On Company Business Part 1 This shows the invasion.

*TOP*: 5/6 On Company Business Part 1 the aftermath,

*TOP*: 6/6 On Company Business Part 1 the aftermath continues.

Important note:  most Bay Of Pigs videos quickly disappear from YouTube.  So click and watch while you can.

Chronology of Bay of Pigs

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